At 176,214 square kilometers (68,036 square miles) of continental land and 142,199 km² (54,903 sq mi) of jurisdictional waters and small river islands,[6] Uruguay is the second smallest sovereign nation in South America (after Suriname) and the third smallest territory (French Guiana is the smallest).

The landscape features mostly rolling plains and low hill ranges (cuchillas) with a fertile coastal lowland. A dense fluvial network covers the country, consisting of four river basins or deltas; the Río de la Plata, the Uruguay River, the Laguna Merín and the Río Negro.

The major internal river is the Río Negro ('black river'). Several lagoons are found along the Atlantic coast. The highest point in the country is the Cerro Catedral at 513.66 meters (1,685 ft 3 in) in the 'Sierra de Carapé' mountain range.

To the southwest is the Río de la Plata, the Uruguay River.


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