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Join us on Facebook!Aqva Terra. We are Uruguay's premier eco-tour operators. We specialize in exotic fish collecting, snake searching treks, sport fishing, horseback riding, bird watching and more! We organize all meals, in-country travel (including airport pick-up and drop-off), lodging and permits. Come and have the adventure of a lifetime!

Why Uruguay? Our country may be little-known, but it is beyond compare! Come and experience our gorgeous vistas, friendly locals, fascinating cultural history and of course, abundant natural life. There are no tropical diseases here, so you don't need vaccinations. You do not require a traveller's visa to enter the country, just a valid passport!


  • Sub-tropical Fish Collecting excursions in Uruguay - Let Aqva Terra custom design an unforgettable journey to collect and observe South American native fishes in their natural habitats. We specialize in cichlids - Fishes of the genera Gymnogeophagus, Australoheros, Crenicichla, Cichlasoma, Apistogramma and Geophagus. We can take you to the sites for fishes of any genus, whether your interests are cichlids, catfish, killifish or piranhas. Your guide and his expert staff can identify and tell you how to successfully raise them all!

    Any fishes you keep (usually hundreds of dollars in value) are included in the price of your trip. We will obtain all the necessary collecting, health and export permits, so taking home your valuable fishes is easy!
  • Sportfishing- Feel the "lure" of catching amazing sportfish from the great rivers of Uruguay. Such species as the Golden Dorado and Giant Wolfish provide heart-pounding excitement!
  • Horseback Riding - Enjoy the sights of natural Uruguay the gaucho way, from the back of an Uruguayan Criollo horse! Live the gaucho life and discover their customs in the South American countryside.
  • Birdwatching - Uruguay, in the Guaraní language, means "river of the painted birds". View the giant, flightless Rhea (Rhea americana intermedia), the spectacular Dragón (Xanthopsar flavus), the Federal (Amblycercus holosericeus, the Scarlet-headed Blackbird), unique nests built by Hornero birds (Rufous hornero) and many more. Over 475 bird species call Uruguay home!
  • Custom-designed Tours - Feel free to custom design your own Uruguayan adventure! Your guide, Felipe Cantera, has spent thousands of hours in the field and is familiar with the Uruguayan countryside. Being a naturalist himself, he will understand your interests and needs. Felipe will gladly assist in tailoring your visit exclusively to your wishes. Whether your passion is collecting fishes, horseback riding and gaucho culture, sport fishing, birding, or simply shopping and sightseeing, let Aqva Terra take you there!

Trade snakes for fishes!


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